Hey, I’m Jackson! I serve people who need to pass their bar exam but can’t figure out how to do it by themselves. I give them the tools to conquer the test, to turn failure into success and to get exactly what they want, which is a passing score on their next bar exam.

I’ve got a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and have been teaching the bar review for nearly 25 years. I’ve trained thousands of successful bar students, written over 40 books on the bar exam and delivered thousands of hours of lectures on bar exam subjects.

I’ve also been an educational consultant to the Walt Disney Corporation and a classroom teacher in the Florida public school system. My high school debate teams were the National Champions my final 2 years of teaching.

And when I’m not teaching for the bar exam, my wife Sara and I can be found providing financial counseling and resources through our non-profit Plan Partner & Thrive, and spending time with our 2 adorable grandchildren.

If you’re dying to know more, here are a couple of things you don’t know about me:

#1: I was a child actor appearing in TV commercials, movies and plays from age 5 until 17.  (Thankfully, none of them seem to be available online today!)

#2: I dropped out of college and didn’t return for 14 years but completed my undergraduate degree and attended law school with 2 young children while Sara supported us (she’s a gem) and was able to be on brief in a record 3 US Supreme Court cases while still in school.

#3: Sara and I recently returned “home” to Celebration Florida where we live and work … and occasionally hang out at a theme park or two!

So…if you’re ready to pass your bar exam and work with me, right this second, start by following my free Podcast, “The Extra Mile for Bar Exam Takers” on iTunes or with an RSS Feed or scroll down and set a time for us to chat privately about your studies and how we can help you pass your bar exam!

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