Why Us? So YOU Can Make the NEXT Bar Exam Your LAST Bar Exam!

Why us?

Hi, this is Jackson Mumey, Founder. I serve people who feel let down by their “bigbox bar review” experience. Along with my team at Celebration Bar Review, I provide bar takers the tools to conquer the test, to turn failure into success and to Make the NEXT bar exam their LAST bar exam!

Since 1995, we’ve successfully helped 1000s of people just like you to pass their bar exams.
Our approach is unlike anything you’ve tried before. There’s no memorization. It’s self-paced but fully directed. It leverages what you already know. We use new educational tools and learning science to bring together mind and body for improved understanding and successful results!

Our courses are designed for your success and therefore completely different.

My law degree is from Georgetown University Law Center and I have been teaching the bar review since the late 1980s. I’ve lectured around the US, written over 40 books on the bar exam and delivered thousands of hours of personal coaching on bar exam subjects.

I’ve also been an educational consultant to the Walt Disney Corporation and a classroom teacher in the Florida public school system. Using the same learning approaches we apply to the bar exam, my Celebration High School debate teams were the National Champions 2 years in a row.

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I have my life back

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So…if you’re ready to get your life back and work with me to help you pass the bar, right this second, join me on Thursday for our LIVE Webinar: How to Make the NEXT Bar Exam Your LAST Bar Exam!

You can also follow my weekly Podcast, “The Extra Mile for Bar Exam Takers”
and if you’d like to speak with me about a Personal or Premium Mentored Course, use this link to schedule a convenient time to chat.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the Webinar!


Jackson & Sara Mumey

Jackson is a Honors Graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, where he appeared on brief in several US Supreme Court Cases, became a Senior Teaching Fellow, and following law school passed the bar exam in 1992 using our predecessor course materials. He does not currently practice law, however, and instead devotes his full attention and energy to teaching the bar exam and developing innovations in our course offerings. Sara has spent many years in education and currently manages the office and administration of the courses.

Jackson has over 25 years of bar coaching experience and has worked with several thousand bar takers for the Multistate Bar Exam and the exams of California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Texas plus the newer Uniform Bar Exam and the Multistate Essay Exam.

Matt Chapman

Tech Dude. Also, quite modest. Matt’s company, Origin Technology designed this website and created our successful Bar Exam Apps for iPhone and iPad. We’ve worked with Matt for nearly 20 years and rely on his expertise in all things technological.


Megan Saia, Esq.

Megan is a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and a member of the California Bar. She is Celebration Bar Review’s Senior Editor and manages our staff of writers and editors to produce the books and lectures used in all our courses. Megan also provides student mentoring services for select California students in the course. And yes, she is our daughter so she literally “grew up” in the bar exam!


Kelly Perkins, Esq

Kelly Perkins, Esq.

Kelly is a licensed attorney in Maryland and Florida. She is Celebration Bar Review’s Facebook Manager. Kelly also created and moderates our Group Coaching Sessions. Kelly loves working with students and sharing her experiences (traumas) of taking multiple bar exams and coming out the other side of it.

June Foret

Jackson’s assistant and webinar “wingman” for the last 3 years. June manages all of the logistics and administrative tasks for our students and helps them on-board the course. She also owns a very cool shop near Gatlinburg Tennessee for art and design.