Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the course?
Each course includes comprehensive audio and video lectures,  printable digital outlines of the law, online and book formatted sample questions for each part of the exam and a Personal Study Guide™ to direct your studies. There are also essay writing and performance test workshops as well as test anxiety and other study aids. In addition, a range of Personal Mentoring choices are available. Additional materials, including printed books and other study aids are available for an additional fee.
What choices do I need to make about courses, materials, and mentoring?
First, decide on the type of Course. They are all described on the “Order” Menu above.  Then choose the exam and data, the mentoring service and any additional services like STAR and PhotoReading to add to your course
Is there a Pass Guarantee?
Yes!  When you select any Paid Subscription course (Basic, Personal, Premium or Platinum) you receive a Pass Guarantee. Terms and Conditions of the Pass Guarantee may be changed without prior notice.
Do you provide Essay Writing Assistance?

Yes.  It’s what we do best (based on past student surveys) and is included in every course in the form of audio and video lectures, model answers and workshops for Essays and Performance Tests. Every course includes step-by-step direction and samples for comparison. In addition, the students in the Personal, Premium and Platinum Coaching courses receive one-on-one video conferences about their writing with the owner of Celebration Bar Review, Jackson Mumey. Basic Coaching students can also purchase coaching time on an hourly basis as needed. No other course in the country provides this high level of individual writing attention!

What are the Premium and Platinum Mentoring Services?

Some students prefer extra convenience and personal attention. For up to 10 students, we offer Premium Mentoring Services including online access to  Video and Audio Workshops, Webcasts and Lectures plus 20 Personal Coaching Sessions scheduled by appointment. There is also a special Platinum Mentoring Subscription:  This is the most comprehensive package of services available in the Bar Review and limited to only 5 students per exam date. Applicants for the Platinum Program should call our office at 888.720.0010 for details and enrollment.

When do classes start?

Because this is a homestudy course, you can start at any time. We currently have students studying for the 2019 and later exams.  We’ll always update your courses after you purchase so early registrants are never left out!

How current are your materials?

We constantly update our written materials and print each set of books on demand for the very latest information. Lectures are always being updated to reflect new areas of emphasis on the exams,  changes in the law, and the latest techniques in effective learning. We recently completed a Major Revision to our lecture series and added 210 newly Licensed MBE Questions from the NCBE to our group of over 2100 practice MBE questions. New lectures, sample and model essay answers and performance test lectures have been added to each course we offer! We also update our online courses constantly for the most current information possible. Compared to the big courses that print their books a year in advance, we are by far the most current bar review course available nationally! Updates are automatically provided to our students throughout their enrollment so there’s no need to worry about missing any new trends.

What makes Celebration Bar Exam Review different from the other courses?

The level of personal attention is much greater in the Celebration Bar Exam Review program. While other bar reviews may teach the same substantive law, only Celebration Bar Exam Review provides home study flexibility, comprehensive course materials and personal attention from the nation’s leading bar exam expert. Basic Mentoring Courses begin at only $97/month for 12 months and we offer a Personal Mentoring Course with up to 15 individual Personal Coaching Students for $397/month.  Our students tell us that we teach to the exam rather than offering generic law study and we offer the chance to begin your studies much earlier than traditional classroom courses would allow. Premium Mentoring Service offers the Ultimate Bar Review Course available in the industry! And, of course, it’s MUCH less expensive than a traditional classroom course.

Do I need to take any supplemental courses?

No. Our course is complete and no extra courses are necessary. We do not coordinate with or recommend any supplemental course for our students.

How many Multistate Questions are included in the course?

Our Multistate bar exam course includes nearly 2100 questions, most of which are past MBE Questions. We are licensed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners to use these questions, which means that we don’t have to make up questions, but can use the “real thing.” Each question has a separate explanation for each answer choice so there are nearly 7,000 pieces of information in our MBE course. The course also includes 4 full-length past MBE’s (including the most recently released 2014 MBE ) for final practice and review, plus a final Multistate Nutshell that condenses MBE principles into easily digested pieces.

Do you have State Essay Questions and/or Performance Tests for practice?

Each State course contains hundreds of sample questions for your practice. For States that use the Multistate Performance Test we provide past MPT exams, licensed to us by the National Conference of Bar Examiners for practice. For States that use the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) we provide past MEE question, licensed to us by the National Conference of Bar Examiners for practice. Additionally, each Paid Subscription course has essay writing and performance test workshops to teach you how to prepare successful answers on the state part of the exam plus additional MPT Workshops reviewing recent MPT Questions and Answers. 

How much personal attention will I receive?

That’s up to you. We have  several separate mentoring options, ranging from full assistance to minimal direction. In addition, our Platinum and  Premium Mentoring Services offers the Ultimate Bar Review Courses available in the industry! This extra service is only available to a small number of students. Please call for space availability.

For every registered student in our courses, our bar review experts – including Jackson Mumey are available to assist depending on your level of mentoring . Personal Coaching Sessions with Jackson are held at the student’s convenience using our online scheduling system and are available Monday through Saturday of each week. In addition, there are weekly Facebook Live sessions, Webinars and Hangouts to answer general questions for every student.

For those who register for essay mentoring, you will be directed to send specific written work to Jackson. The assignments are detailed in your Personal Study Guide. Most mentored students will have up to 15 Personal Coaching Sessions during the course. Enrollment in the  Mentored Courses are limited and you are encouraged to register early to assure a spot.

Some students talk to Jackson every few days, others less frequently. Every Celebration Bar Exam Review student receives email messages and online video webcasts before the bar to ensure consistent focus and support along with opportunities for study strategy conferences and substantive assistance. No matter which option you select, you get the attention and help you want, need and can afford.

What's the difference in the mentoring options?

The Basic Mentoring Course provides all the course materials you need to pass the bar. There is no personal conference or assistance with this option.

The Personal Mentoring Course provides all of your materials PLUS 15 Personal Coaching Sessions (30 minutes in length by video) with Jackson on a scheduled basis to discuss your writing and study. This is our most popular option and regularly sells out prior to the exam.

The Premium Mentoring Course provides all of your materials PLUS our special third party resources (called STAR) for enhanced studying PLUS up to 25 Personal Coaching Sessions (30 minutes in length by video) with Jackson on a scheduled basis to discuss your writing and study. This course is limited to 10 students only.

The Platinum Mentoring Course is reserved for only 5 students per exam and includes everything in the Premium Course PLUS an unlimited number of Personal Coaching Sessions. Enrollment for this course requires a personal interview with Jackson prior to registration.

Why do you limit the number of mentored students in the course?

All of the personal mentoring is done with our owner, Jackson Mumey. In order to provide sufficient access to this bar exam expert, it’s necessary to limit the number of enrolled mentored students. Over the years, the popularity of our course has made it necessary to limit the enrollment to assure access. As a result, you should enroll for one of the courses as soon as possible.

What's your pass rate?

We don’t publish a pass rate as there are too many variables for a calculation. For example, simply buying a bar review course is, by itself, no guarantee of success, nor is purchasing or using only certain elements of a course indicative of a pass rate. We do, however, have thousands of students over the past 25 years who passed their bar exams with Celebration Bar Review. You can read a few of their testimonials here or watch their case study interviews. And for those students who complete the assignments in their  Celebration Bar Exam Review Personal Study Guide™ we offer a “Lifetime Pass Guarantee.” Once you take our course, if you fail the exam, you can continue to access our course materials for the next exam at no charge. 

Do you have references for me to check?
We’ve been helping students pass their exams for almost 25 years – that makes us one of the oldest and most reliable courses in the country – and has grown primarily by word of mouth. In fact, 96% of our recent students said they would recommend Celebration Bar Review to their friends! Our thousands of students tell us that they appreciate the personal flexibility and quality assistance to pass the bar exam that we have provided for nearly two decades. In return, for reasons of privacy and confidentiality, we don’t give out past student phone numbers. Instead we publish a number of student testimonials and video case studies that you can check out here.
What's the cost of the course?

We have a range of course options, prices and payment plans. Our fee schedule can be found here or call our office at 864.365.6083 (Direct) to speak with us about pricing.

What are my payment options?

We offer 12-month payment plans for most of our courses or you can make a single discounted payment instead. Payment is accepted by MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express, or you may pay using PayPal. We do not accept cash or checks. Our secure online server offers a convenient way to quickly order your course and choose the payment method you prefer. 

How do I signup?

You can order your course one of 2 ways:

  • register online using our secure web-server (all major credit cards and PayPal)
  • call our office at (864) 365-6083 (payment plans)
Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Your satisfaction with your Celebration Bar Review Program, Product or Service is important to us.

Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and/or providing our Programs, Products, Services and Program Materials, and because of our licensing agreements with the Bar Examiners to protect their intellectual property rights, we have a strict no refund policy. Unless otherwise provided by law we do not offer refunds for any portion of your payment for any of our Programs, Products, and Services, and no refunds will be provided to you at any time and regardless of whether you take the bar exam.

We do offer a full Pass Guarantee that allows you to retake our course if you fail the bar exam for any reason. Details can be found at

When should I begin?

Today! Sign up online with our secure server. Experience has shown that starting early is a major factor in passing the bar. It’s never too early to begin studying. Plus, no matter when you enroll, your materials will be automatically updated at no additional charge when and if changes are necessary to keep the course current. 

Is this a Crash Course?

No, it’s not. We don’t think that’s an effective way to learn and our pass rates over the years support that view. As a result, we encourage students to start early and reserve the last two weeks before the exam for review. Of course, we’re available for assistance and review right through the exam dates and when results are released in each jurisdiction.

What if I register and then need to defer taking the exam?

If you are currently registered in our course (and not using your Pass Guarantee), we allow one deferral without a charge up to 30 days prior to your exam date. After that point, based on the course you are taking, you will need to pay a deferral fee as shown below to extend your course access. The current fees are: $495 to Defer a Basic Mentored or MBE-only Course $1895 to Defer a Personal or Premium Mentored Course  A deferral is good for ONLY the next scheduled exam.  

If you defer for a 2nd time or more, there is a Retake charge to keep the  materials and remain in the course to receive our services. Additionally, if you are using your Pass Guarantee, there is no deferral without the payment of a Retake fee.

Unused conferences may not be carried forward with a Deferral or Retake. All Deferral and Retake Fees are subject to change without notice.
How long does it take to complete the course?

That depends on the course and the exam, but generally, most of our courses require 250-300 hours of study, paced in separate three-hour assignments plus specific review work following the basic course of study. The initial assignments include watching or listening to lectures, reading the outlines and practicing the questions. Most of our students will study for 4-6 months prior to the exam at an average of 10-20 hours of study per week. Foreign Trained Attorneys should plan on longer study times, particularly if English is not your first language. 

Are the lectures mine to keep?

The lectures are our proprietary and copyrighted materials and cannot be copied, duplicated or transcribed.  Please note that we scan eBay, Craigslist and other online auction sites for listings of our materials. If a student attempts to resell any of our course materials, we reserve the right to inform the appropriate Bar Examiners of that individual’s violation of the various copyrights. 

Are the books mine to keep?

Yes. The books are yours, however, they cannot be resold, distributed or copied for any other person. Please note that we scan eBay, Craigslist and other online auction sites for listings of our materials. If a student attempts to resell any of our course materials, we reserve the right to inform the appropriate Bar Examiners of that individual’s violation of the various copyrights.

When will I receive my materials?

Your online materials will be available within 24 hours of your order.  It generally takes 7-10 business days for books to be printed and shipped. We don’t guarantee an arrival time.  We normally ship by domestic Priority Mail and International Priority Mail and will inform you by email when your course has shipped. You can order shipment by Express Mail with an additional $100 fee. Printed Books are shipped from our Publisher and delivery times vary based on shipping speed you select when you order.  

Is this course right for Foreign-Trained Attorneys?

Yes! Home Study is a convenient and practical option for students who are studying outside of the United States and/or have law degrees from foreign countries. There are, however, special needs and circumstances that you should be aware of before you register for one of our courses. Hundreds of Foreign Trained Attorneys have successfully used our course to pass the bar without the need for additional study or materials.  Click Here for More Information

Is the MPRE included in the course?
The MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam) is a separate exam and the materials are not included in the course. If you need to prepare for the MPRE, our Professional Responsibility Exam materials are available as a separate course in an online format or with a printed book for an added fee.  Click here to purchase the MPRE Course.
What are your Terms of Service
You can find our complete Terms of Service here. Use of our course materials, programs and/or services constitute your agreement to be bound by these Terms.

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