July 2020 Exam Changes

Here’s what we know currently about changes to the July 2020 Bar Exam due to COVID-19. Links are to relevant Bar Examiner Announcements.

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Exam Date

Diploma Waiver?

Link to Official Order

Registration Limits (if any) and Links

Alabama (UBE)

July 2020 and Sept 30- Oct 1, 2020 (both in person exams) Order

Alaska (UBE)

Sept 9-10

Arizona (UBE)

July 2020 AND Oct 5-6, 2020 "Plan B"


Arkansas (UBE)

July 2020 or if unable, Sept


Oct 5-6 online; passing score reduced to 1390
Press Release

Limited practice waiver for 2020 graduates

Colorado (UBE)

July 2020 or if postponed, Sep 30-Oct 1



Oct 5-6 online


District of Columbia (UBE)

Cancelled the Sep 9-10 exam and switched to online "Plan B" exam on Oct 5-6. Note that this score is NOT portable but reciprocity with MD, MA and TN


Canceled  Aug 19 exam and rescheduled to sometime in October, 2020

Test will be given online only covering all subjects; 3 essays plus 100 multiple choice questions 


Oct 5-6 online
Open Book exam with 3 30-minute essays, 1 performance test and 100 NCBE multiple choice questions

Provisional Admission 


Sept 9-10

Idaho (UBE)

July 2020 Plus Oct 5-6 online

Illinois (UBE)

Oct 5-6 online
Reciprocity to be determined




Iowa (UBE)

July 2020 or if unable, Sept 9-10

Kansas (UBE)

July 2020 and Sep 9-10 Order


Oct 5-6 online


Sept 30- Oct 1

No more applications are being accepted as of May 4. The Board subsequently announced on May 9 the availability of a limited number of additional seats and a three-tiered application period for those not already on the seating list.

Maryland (UBE)

Oct 5-6, 2020 Reciprocity with DC, MA and TN


Massachusetts (UBE)

Oct 5-6, 2020 Link
Reciprocity with DC, MD NJ, and TN

YES - Expanded Student Practice Rule



Minnesota (UBE)

July 2020 and Sept 9-10


July 2020

Missouri (UBE)

July 2020 or Sep 9-10 if needed

Extended student practice rule

Montana (UBE)

July 2020

Nebraska (UBE)

July 2020 AND Sept 9-10 


New Hampshire (UBE)

Oct 5-6 online
Reciprocity to be determined

New Jersey (UBE)

Oct 5-6 online

Reciprocity with MA


New Mexico (UBE)

Sept 9-10, 2020 

If no exam can be offered in 2020

New York (UBE)

Oct 5-6 online exam

North Carolina (UBE)

July 2020 or if unable, Sept 9-10



Passing score reduced from 270 to 268, effective for 2020 and Feb 2021 exams

North Dakota (UBE)

July 2020 or if unable, Sept 9-10

LIMIT OF 85 APPLICANTS, Limited Practice Rule

Ohio (UBE)

Oct 5-6 online
Reciprocity to be determined 

Expanded practice pending admission for recent law school graduates


July 2020

Oregon (UBE)

July 2020 plus Oct 5-6, 2020

grant a one-time diploma privilege to candidates who timely submitted complete applications for the July 2020 Oregon bar exam and who either 1) graduated in 2020 from one of the three Oregon law schools or 2) graduated in 2020 from any other ABA-accredited law school that had a minimum of 86% of graduates pass a 2019 bar exam on their first attempt. For those candidates who do not qualify for the diploma privilege option, the Court has announced 1) a one-time reduction in the passing score for the July exam from 274 to 266; and 2) the option to instead take a remotely administered exam in October, with scores on that exam not qualifying as UBE scores.
500 Applicant Capacity has been reached for July


Oct 5-7 (3 day) online

Rhode Island (UBE)

Sep 30 - Oct 1


South Carolina (UBE)

July 2020

South Dakota


Tennessee (UBE)

Oct 5-6 online (reciprocity with DC, MD, and MA) Order



July exam has been cancelled AND replaced with in person Sept 9-10 and online Oct 5-6


Utah (UBE)

Sept 30- Oct 1


 Qualified candidates must have submitted an application to take the Utah bar exam on or before April 1, 2020; must have graduated from a law school with an overall first-time passage rater of 86% or greater in 2019; and must perform 360 hours of legal service under the supervision of an experienced attorney. For applicants who do not qualify for the alternative pathway, or for those wishing to gain admission through the bar exam, the Court intends to offer the exam in Utah at the earliest possible date in 2020 as soon as the exam can be administered safely.

Vermont (UBE)

Oct 5-6 online



Washington (UBE)

July 2020 and Sep 9-10

the Washington Supreme Court issued an order temporarily modifying admission and practice rules to grant a diploma privilege option to applicants currently registered to take the July and September 2020 bar exams and LLLT licensure exams

On May 15, the Court issued an order temporarily reducing the minimum passing UBE score from 270 to 266. The temporary modified minimum passing score applies only to applicants who sit for the July 2020 or September 2020 UBE. In addition, applicants applying for admission by UBE score transfer from another jurisdiction who achieve a score of 266 or higher on the July 2020 or September 2020 UBE may transfer their score to Washington. The minimum passing UBE score reverts to 270 beginning with the February 2021 examination.

West Virginia (UBE)

July 2020


July 2020

Wyoming (UBE)

July 2020 and Sep 30-Oct 1


Virgin Islands

Oct 5-6 online exam