If you fail your Bar Exam, we’ll provide you with A FREE RETAKE until you Pass!

The guarantee provides access to the Basic Mentoring Level course for the next scheduled exam and may be used only for the same exam state as you initially enrolled in. Please note: All required retake materials will be provided in an ONLINE format. Updated printed materials and other study materials may be purchased at the student’s option. Upgrades in Mentoring services are available for an additional fee and are priced on our website.

This Guarantee applies when you meet the following terms and conditions:

1) You must have been an enrolled Celebration Bar Review student for the exam that you failed.

2) You must provide written notification (email or fax) to Celebration Bar Exam Review within 14 days of the posting of bar exam results by the Bar Examiners. A copy of the official failure notice from the Bar Examiners must be included with your email or fax request for a retake.

3) You must request your Free Retake no later than 10 days after the last exam results have been posted (Nov 30 and May 30 of each year).

C Any updated course materials that your Mentor deems necessary will be provided to you online within 48 hours of receipt of all required items under this Guarantee.

The Guarantee only applies if you sit for the next scheduled bar exam after your failing result. If you do not sit for the next scheduled exam in the same jurisdiction, you will need to pay a Retake Fee to remain in the course.