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The Truth About Celebration Bar Review

We help bar takers Pass their Exam with an Affordable and Effective Step-by-Step Program that will Make the NEXT Bar Exam Your LAST Bar Exam and Help You Get Your Life Back!
Watch this video about our students' experience with Celebration Bar Review to see our approach in action...

Why Bar Review "Trolls" Hate this Course...
(and why You'll LOVE us!)

1. We care about you and your success... and nothing else!

Recent bar exam pass rates nationally show a less than 50% overall success rate for all applicants. Repeat takers are passing at even lower numbers.
We work primarily with repeat bar takers to overcome chronically low performance and help students pass. We've done that for nearly 30 years with a single-minded focus on our students and their needs. 
In comparison, most other bar reviews spend their time, money and energy on first time takers only and with an emphasis on marketing and deal-making rather than teaching. Because we operate differently, we are often attacked by the defenders of the status quo and by a few individuals who are more intent on casting blame than accepting responsibility for their own performance. 

2. Our approach is unlike anything you've tried before...and that's good!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly...and expecting different results. To achieve better results for our students, we constantly innovate with products like PhotoReading For The Bar Exam™, Paraliminals, Audio Meditation and more.
That terrifies the elites (and the trolls) because what they can't understand can't be controlled. So they ridicule and make outrageous claims to justify the tired old approaches of the past.
Because we innovate, our students see improvements of 10, 20, 30 points and more on their bar exams. (Scroll down this page to watch them tell their own stories of success)

3. We know our client...and it's not the bar exam establishment!

Our critics and haters claim our course is a "scam" because we refuse to tell the same old lies to students that others are happy to parrot. Memorize, recite, cram, issue spot... those techniques haven't worked for years and don't work on today's bar exam... and why we don't teach them.
But that's a heresy to the traditionalists in the bar review establishment and a threat to their established order... and a big reason for their attacks. 
we know from nearly 30 years and thousands of students what works and does not work on nearly every bar exam in the country and we gladly share that knowledge with our students. Even when it makes our critics angry

4. We don't provide "fake news" ... just the facts you need!

Anyone who claims a specific pass rate for an exam (or can even explain how they reach such a number) is really being untruthful. The fact is that no reputable company can publish any pass rate. There are too many variables, too many unknowns, and far too little data.
Rather than make untrue claims, we let our students speak for themselves (scroll down the page for a sampling). In just the past few years, 
we've recorded over 80 video interviews with our passing students and published comments from many more. 
We think that's a more honest way of discussing pass rates, even when the "trolls" pretend to know otherwise...or make claims that are untruthful.

5. It's easier to blame... and we're a target

Failing the bar exam is painful. For most people, it's their first major failure in life. How could it happen? Most bar students recognize the deficiencies and work to remedy them, but others - the "trolls" - immediately take to social media and law school forums to blast away - anonymously - at their bar review. Sadly, almost none of these individuals can point to a passing result with any bar review course.
To be clear ... we're not perfect... we make mistakes and we're not for everyone. But on balance, for over 25 years we've helped thousands of students pass their bar exams.
For the (relatively) small handful who didn't like our approach or our course, we're sorry. But at the end of the day, we don't take the test for the student. And to blame us (or any bar review for that matter) when the result is not successful... is juvenile and ultimately unproductive. But 
for those who stick with our system and allow us to help, the result is more often successful than failure...as you'll see below


In Their Own Words...
Here's Some of our Most Popular Student Interviews

Over the past 2 years, we've recorded more than 80 video interviews with successful Celebration Bar Review Students. Here are a few of our favorites...click on the pictures below to watch their interviews...
and share their "Celebration" 

About Celebration Bar Review

We began business in 1994 as a successor to The Study Group and SMH Bar Review (the 2nd largest bar review at the time). Since then, we've assisted more than 25,000 students in nearly every state in the US.
We have over 50 bar review books currently published and more than 50,000 hours of lecture watch time in our video library. Our course uses only licensed questions from the NCBE (plus actual bar essays and performance tests) and is constantly updated by our editorial staff of licensed attorneys ... all of whom are former CBR students as well.
Our weekly Podcast has over 100,000 downloads, we have over 600,000 YouTube views and thousands of people have attended our Free Bar Exam Webinars.
In short, we're experts at this...

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Here's the unhappy secret the Trolls don't want you to know...

Failing the bar exam is awful. And it's tough to believe that any qualified individual could fail such an important test. So who's to blame? While most bar takers recognize that failing the bar is not a reason to blame themselves or others, there are a few, unhappy folks who would rather rage against a bar review course than accept personal responsibility for their results. 

Fortunately, in our case, that's a very small, always anonymous (although highly vocal) group. So... 
If you'd rather hear from people who are willing to publicly describe their journey rather than anonymously attack...scroll down for some more Truth.

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“Two for two with Celebration Bar Review! I’m also on the Pass List for Colorado (UBE). Thank you for your help and prayers! I am so thankful.”

Blythe G.

“I PASSED THE CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM THANKS TO CELEBRATION BAR!!!!! And I still can’t believe it!!!!  I failed the first time with Barbri but Jackson's mentoring is beyond imaginable from a bar tutor.  After the first week with Jackson, it was like he knew me my whole life... "

Manisha V.

"As a consequence of your masterful guidance and my Herculean effort, I passed the Florida bar exam.  I used your Florida and MBE program, followed your study guide precisely, and used no other courses or materials. My overall score was 140."

Thomas A.



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